Sherry Dyson: Who, What And How?

There are always people whom you have heard about but don’t know them as a person. Sherry Dyson is one such personality that people have heard about but don’t know her in real. She has been a mathematics educational expert. She was born in VirginiaU.S.She got the spotlight because of her husband named Christopher Paul Gardner.

Indeed, these two love birds tied the knot on June 18, in the year 1977. Her husband Chris Gardner has been a well-known and loved American Businessman, Investor, motivational speaker, as well as stockbroker.  The couple has a son together whose name is Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr.   They took divorced after nine years in the year 1986.  Talking about her son Christopher, he was born on January 28, 1981. When he was just four years his parents got divorced. Court gave him the legal right to stay with the father.

When did Sherry Dyson become famous?

Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson, now Chris Gardner’s ex-wife, turned out to be popular when the autobiography of Chris Gardner was published in the year 2006 in the shape of a film. The name of the autobiography is known as the Pursuit of Happiness.

The reason behind Sherry’s divorce

Sherry Dyson
Sherry Dyson

The relationship between Sherry and her husband begun to fade away because he decided to simply leave his medical career and even began something new. They had differences in their overall likings and thoughts, perceptions, and even behaviour. Chris Gardner had an affair with the dental student named Jackie Medina. After only a few months of their affair, she got pregnant with his child. After just three years of marriage to Sherry, he left her to simply move in with Jackie as well as to prepare for fatherhood. Nine years passed and then Sherry and Chris got legally divorced in the year 1986.

That was the time when Sherry left alone after Chris went on to live with his girlfriend, Jackie just after three years of their marriage. The relationship came to an end and the marriage failed to survive and it finally ended when Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner made up their mind to get legally divorced in the year 1986 after 9 years of marriage.

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Facts about Sherry’s Husband: Chris Gardner

Sherry Dyson
Sherry Dyson

Chris Gardner does not require any sort of introduction because it is a cherished success story in itself. But here are the interesting facts related to the events of his life.

  • He was born on February 9 in the year 1954.
  • Chris was nearly five years younger than his ex-wife Sherry.
  • His early childhood was not really comfortable as his mother married twice in his life and talking of his stepfather, he physically abused his mother as well as his sisters. Apart from this, he faced different difficulties in his early childhood.
  • At the beginning of his adulthood, he wished to join the Navy because he was highly in awe of his uncle who was in the US Navy. But later on, he turned out to be a successful businessman and a cherished motivational speaker.


To sum up, now you know much about who Sherry Dyson is, why she divorced and what was her life all about!

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